sweet-chestnut “I went through the most challenging crisis of my life–my beloved husband’s illness and death at age 50. The grief and distress was devastating. Carolyn gifted me with several consultations for flower essences to help with my grief and healing.

I noticed such an amazing difference after each session. It helped me move through the grieving process with palpable grace and ease. The effects were subtle yet profound. I felt powerful support and shifts in emotion and energy after each session with Carolyn. She is a true healer, allowing the mystery and power of the flower essence allies to work through her. I am a nurse who works in the Western medical system, and I have seen a huge benefit to using these gentle, safe, and beneficial essences.”

Beth N.
Hospice Nurse
Indianola, WA



Papaya: for the ability to communicate one’s feelings from a place of stillness within oneself

“I have been using Carolyn’s essences since I was a child. Her formulas have always been very accurate at helping me address the particular issues that I need to work on at a given time. She is truly gifted.”
Suzanna D.
Research Associate
Washington, D.C.


blue-passion-flower-opt“The time I have spent with Carolyn Eden was healing on many levels. Carolyn brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to working with the flower essences with an intuitive relationship that is perhaps based on her years of experience along with her own nature. She combines compassionate care with completely thorough work and comes up with essences that are unique for each individual’s complex needs. I highly recommend Carolyn to anyone who wants to explore the healing potential of flower essences for their mental/emotional needs. I can’t think of a finer practitioner than Carolyn.”
Linda C.
Special Ed Teacher
Seattle, WA


star-of-bethlehem-opt“Our son and daughter moved in with us when they were 8 and 10. They had lived with their foster family for 3 years but during that time moved in with their birth mother for about 2 months and lived with a birth uncle’s family for 6 months. Suffice it to say their lives were painfully full of loss, grief, abandonment and neglect. Their foster family was large, loving and fun but the children had no feeling of permanency.

Today, our daughter is 13 and our son is 11. In September, we will celebrate the first year anniversary of our adoption finalization! Throughout all of the transitions and challenges we have had an immeasurable amount of support and love coming from friends, family, doctors and social workers. On a more subtle level, Carolyn Eden has given us profound support in the flower essence formulas she has made for us. Each time, the formulas change and focus on helping us with aspects of our grief and pain and also support us knowing and understanding who we are. The children do not need to know what each formula is made of. The little bottle just has a way of being magical and fun to take. Our children are very expressive and have active imaginations; they love the fact that the essences from nature are helping them feel good and strong.

I believe the essence formulas have helped our children make sense of and accept love. They are now able to believe, know and trust their feelings. They see our family is real and forever–not a dream or temporary. The battles they have inside are able to come forth with the help of the essences and we are able to tackle them together. Also, the essences help problems move through without forcing–just gently changing into understanding.

The essences have helped all of us bring together our fantasies and hopes, aided our recovery from fear and grief, and support us to be present in the moment to enjoy our lives. They aid us through the transitions and challenges in a powerful, self-affirming way.”
Suellen C.
Artist and Instructor
Reno, NV


easter-lilly-small-opt“Carolyn Eden is one of my heroes. As a friend and practitioner of the healing arts, I find her to be wise and compassionate. I have worked with her flower essence formulas for 15 years. For me, this is a wonderful way to bring a depth of inquiry and understanding to the movement of my life and work. Carolyn has a rare intuitive gift. And she has the grace that comes from years of spiritual work. I recommend her!”
Cappy T.
Artist and Instructor
Seattle, WA


sage_flower-small-opt“Flower essences are a way to balance one’s mental and emotional well-being. They are also a way to keep track of the impacts of internal and external factors of well-being. I have been taking flower essences and talking to Care about them for as long as I can remember. Every month, it is something to remind me of where I am, where I am going, and a way to ask both complex and simple questions.”
Lakshmi E.
Fulbright Scholar; Director of Media for Indicorps
U.S., India


iris-ce-adj-opt“I have been benefiting from Carolyn’s flower essences consultations for more than a decade now and always find them accurate and yet so subtle. The flowers have their own wisdom and Carolyn is in complete harmony with that. I consider Carolyn to be my medicine woman; I place my health in her care.”
Rev. Shaman Skye Taylor
Athens, NY


shining-flower-small-opt“I have known and worked with Carolyn Eden for over 25 years, and it is with deep pleasure that I can recommend her as a deep and joyous resource for healing and a natural intuitive who works with the energies of flower essences. Her work is thorough and generous, and the combination of her explanation and insight assists in the use of the essences once one begins to use them. If you are moved to use flower essences, Carolyn is definitely the practitioner to call.”
Energetic Healer
Portland, OR


nasturtium-w-dew-small“I am an artist who has been using flower essences guided by Carolyn Eden for the past year. While the effects of the essences are subtle, everyday life for me has an ease and balance now. I have made some profound shifts that have enabled me to walk my path with more clarity and focus. While a person still has to do the conscious work of  being aware, I believe these essences have gently held my hand on the road to my peace of mind.”
Gayle L.
Artist and Residential Counselor
Sequim, WA


peach-small-opt“My children and I began taking flower essences from Carolyn about 20 years ago. My children referred to them as ‘fairy drops.’ They were 3 and 7 years old. When the children were younger, Carolyn would talk to me about each of our formulas and the issues within each of us to pay particular attention to at that time. Carolyn’s knowledge of the flower essences along with her wisdom and life experience was a very helpful guide and comfort through all kinds of situations.

My daughters are now 23 and 27, and I am 65. Flower essences have made such a subtle and vital difference in our lives. Each month evident shifts and changes would happen. When my younger daughter graduated from college, she wrote the following acknowledgement in her senior thesis: ‘First and foremost I would like to thank those who have helped lead me to Pitzer College and have supported me through the transition from Peninsula School to Palo Alto High School….Care for asking the flower essences for guidance and keeping me balanced.’ My younger daughter was a freshman in high school when she began having her own sessions with Carolyn, which are still very meaningful to her today.”
Josie S.
Elementary School Teacher
Menlo Park, CA


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