Flower Essences for Pets


Flower essences are helpful for pets in the same ways they are helpful for humans. As anyone with a pet knows, animals have emotional and psychological issues that sometimes need to be resolved, and like us are also on a spiritual journey. Rescued animals in particular have undoubtedly experienced trauma that affects them even after being taken into a loving environment.

My use of a pendulum (see Why the Pendulum) to determine what flower essences an animal needs not only gives the pet’s owner insight into what is happening in the animal’s inner experience, but also provides a source of guidance about whether there is something the owner should focus on in his or her relationship with the animal. Perhaps the pet is feeling emotionally needy and requires more attention, or the pet has too much power in the relationship and needs to have clearer boundaries. It’s possible the pet just has some issues completely unrelated to the dynamics with the owner, which is also helpful for the owner to know.

Formulas can also be helpful for pets during any time of transition–for example, when first brought into the home, during pregnancy or when a litter is due, when a child or a new pet comes into the family, during a move, during illness. Some of the most touching formulas I have done were for pets who just needed assistance making theĀ  transition at the end of their lives.

During a flower essence consultation for a pet I will want to know from the human involved what his or her observations and concerns are regarding the animal. Since I won’t be making direct contact with the animal, I will ask the pet owner to email or send me a photo of the animal to use with the pendulum when I am determining what flower essences the pet needs. Then at the agreed upon time, I will talk with the pet owner about the meaning of the formula.

Flower essences can be administered to pets either directly into the mouth or into their drinking water. The dosage when taken orally is about half a dropperful three or four times a day. When added to drinking water, the dosage is one dropperful into a fresh bowl of water each morning, or into each fresh bowl of water given in a day. Flower essences for pets should be kept refrigerated because I don’t add brandy as a preservative in pet formulas.

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