Bee Balm: for having the courage to continue moving forward in one’s spiritual development when the temptation is to remain with ways of thinking, feeling and acting that are familiar and comfortable


In the way I work, there are three facets to a flower essence consultation. (Consultations for children and pets differ slightly.) The first step is initial contact via email, in which we’ll set up a time to talk by phone. In-person consultations are also available in the Seattle area.

During our phone conversation, I’ll want to know what you are wanting help with–what’s on your mind, where you’re feeling out of balance, where you’re feeling stuck or challenged in your life, where you’re wanting clarity or direction, etc. I will likely ask some questions to make sure I get a clear understanding so I can best meet your concerns. In this initial contact we will also set a time to reconnect, which is when I will tell you in detail about the meaning of the essences that will be in your flower essence formula.

Unless we make other arrangements, at the end of our initial conversation I will send you an invoice through PayPal, a secure way to use your credit card or checking account. (You do not need to join PayPal to make this transaction.) After payment is received, I will proceed with the rest of the consultation.

The second step is when I determine the essences that will be in your formula. In this process, rather than me just choosing essences for you, I use a pendulum as a divining tool to determine which essences you need at this time. This method of determining a formula is part of what makes my consultations unique and the flower essence formula exactly right for each person. A formula will usually contain between 15 and 30 different essences, and out of that number there will be up to five or six that come up as ones to work with most consciously while taking the formula. During this step I will put two drops of each essence that you need in a one-ounce dropper bottle, with some added brandy as a preservative unless you prefer vinegar or glycerine (or no preservative and the bottle can be kept refrigerated).

The third facet of the consultation is when we preferably talk about your formula, though this can take place via email as well. This is when I will tell you about my general sense of the message of your formula in relation to our initial conversation, and also talk to you specifically about the meaning of each of the essences that you received. First I will tell you about the essences to pay particular attention to, and then go on to explain the meanings of each of the essences in the formula. This part of the consultation will provide clarification about your concerns and guidance for how to proceed in your life. Most people like to take notes during this conversation to look over while taking their essences as a way to be reminded of the guidance received and where to maintain focus. (See Keeping a Flower Essence Journal)

Directions for Taking Essences

When the consultation is complete, I will mail the bottle of essences to you. When you receive it, you will need to fill the bottle with drinking water, nearly to the top but not so full that reinserting the dropper into the bottle will cause the water to overflow. The dosage is about a quarter of a dropperful at a time, taking care not to touch the dropper to your mouth. Ideally you will take the essences four times a day, but three times is often more realistic for many people. At less than three times a day the essences are still effective, but work more slowly. I also recommend taking a moment to remind yourself about the message of your formula each time you take it, to facilitate the transformation that comes about from the flower essences potentized by conscious intention and conscious intention potentized by the flower essences.

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