Flower Essences for Children


“When we learn to see life through the eyes of a child, that is when we become truly wise. ”                                                                                                              -  Mother Theresa


How wonderful it would be if childhood issues could be addressed in those early years rather than carried into adulthood unresolved. Giving flower essences to children can provide them with that gift. Often a child’s flower essence formula gives insight into the inner world of the child that would otherwise be unavailable to the parents or caretakers. This insight provides the means to help the child resolve what is out of balance.

Flower essences are helpful for children of all ages, from newborns to adolescents. I know of an obstetrician who applies Rescue Remedy to the top of the crowning head of every baby she delivers. I have seen adolescents who were beginning to go down a dangerous path turn completely around. Foster and adopted children benefit tremendously as flower essences help clear past trauma and bring about healthy adjustment and acceptance of their new life situations. (see Testimonials)

As with formulas for adults, the essences address every possible aspect of a child’s mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. The sensitivity of children makes them more susceptible to being affected by what goes on around them. Children also often have particular issues that arise at different developmental stages. Some children have issues that affect their ability to learn. As with adults, the possibilities of what is going on with a child are endless. Using the pendulum to determine a child’s formula provides the exact essences that are needed for each particular child. (see Why the Pendulum)

When I do a consultation for a child, I talk to the parent or caregiver rather than the child, unless the child is old enough to want to engage in the process. The essences to pay particular attention to in a child’s formula are for the parent or caregiver to consider in their relationship with the child. Those essences will provide information about how to work with the child to help resolve the child’s issues.


Flower essences are completely safe for children of any age to take orally, though they can be applied to the skin as well. I don’t add brandy as a preservative in formulas for children, but can add food-grade glycerine which gives a sweet taste to the drops. Otherwise the formula bottle can be kept refrigerated.  Essences can be given from the dropper or added to drinks or food. Children usually love to take their “flower drops” and open their mouths like little birds.

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