Please enjoy looking around on this website. More information will be presented as new blogs are posted periodically. If you’re interested in a flower essence consultation, I’m available now from anywhere around the world. You can make initial contact with me at flowerformulas@yahoo.com.



Special Fee through June, 2014

The fee for a consultation, which includes the bottle containing your essence formula, is normally $75 but through March I will be charging just $60 for a first formula.

Who Can Benefit from Using Flower Essences?

Anyone and everyone can benefit from using flower essences. The list of uses for flower essences could go on endlessly, because flower essences address every possible aspect of life along the continuum of birth to death. Essences are helpful during any life transition–birth, for both mother and child; adolescence; leaving home; marriage; divorce; changing jobs; illness; loss of a loved one; preparation for death. Essences address all facets of mental or emotional imbalance: anxiety, depression, limiting perceptions, overwhelming emotions, negative thinking, unconscious urges, grief and loss, post traumatic stress…ad infinitum. Basically, flower essences can benefit anyone wherever they are on the spectrum of seeking inner balance, personal growth, or spiritual awakening.
Flower essences serve well as an adjunct to any modality of growth and healing, and are in fact “prescribed” by many health professionals. The subtle effects of the essences help integrate, sustain and accelerate the affects of other modalities such as bodywork, therapy, acupuncture, recovery programs, spiritual practices, etc. Because flower essences are completely safe and have no biochemical ingredients, there are no contraindications when using essences with either conventional or alternative treatments of any kind. Flower essences shouldn’t, however, be used in place of prescribed medical treatment.


white-rose-zoom-opt“I am an artist who has been using flower essences guided by Carolyn Eden for the past year. While the effects of the essences are subtle, everyday life for me has an ease and balance now. I have made some profound shifts that have enabled me to walk my path with more clarity and focus. While a person still has to do the conscious work of being aware, I believe these essences have gently held my hand on the road to my peace of mind.”
Gayle L.
Artist and Residential Counselor

Sequim, WA

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